Traditional Vapor Rub Ingredients Linked to Cancer

January 23, 2010 - 2 Responses

Petrolatum, or Petroleum Jelly, has been used as a moisturizer for years but cannot actually effectively moisturize the skin.

Some of the leading vapor rubs on the market claim to contain a number of natural ingredients that do a great job of clearing sinuses and relieving coughs.  But if you read the fine print, you’ll find that many of them contain something called Petrolatum.  Petrolatum is petroleum jelly.  It’s used as a moisturizer, as it has been for decades.

However,petroleum jelly doesn’t actually work to moisturize your skin because it is very difficult for your skin to absorb it.  This is why the jelly leaves your skin feeling greasy and oily.  Not only that, Petrolatum has been linked to breast cancer as a potential carcinogen.  What’s the point in trying to cure a cold with a vapor rub if you’re poisoning your body with harmful chemicals?  Petrolatum is also a product of crude oil, a non-renewable resource.

Aloe Vera works as an alterative to Petroleum Jelly to moisturize and soothe the skin.

It turns out that vapor rub is actually very easy to make without Petrolatum or Vaseline.  If the purpose of using Petrolatum in vapor rubs and cosmetics is to moisturize the skin, we suggest using aloe vera, instead.

Aunt Odie’s Therapeutic Rub does just that.  Check it out.


Aunt Odie’s Therapeutic Rub for Aches and Pains

January 5, 2010 - One Response

Our Therapeutic Rub contains only a few ingredients.  The simpler, the better, right?  Our formula will ensure natural pain relief when you are aching.

Camphor oil reduces inflammation and promotes tissue healing.  It also stimulates circulation.  It can be used to ease muscle pains and arthritis. 

Peppermint oil aids in removing pain and reducing fever with its cooling properties.  It’s also a stress reliever.

Spearmint oil, like camphor oil, has anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic properties.  It can also be used as an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal treatment.

Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties as well as the ability to help heal the body both inside and out.

By combining these four ingredients with purified water, we have created a therapeutic rub that will ease your mind, body and senses.  Apply it to any joint or muscle pain and it will ease it.  Rub it on your temples when your head is pounding.  Put it on your toes or finger nails to keep them clean and healthy.  It will even help ease nighttime coughing if you rub it on your chest, similar to a vapor rub.

AND, all profits from this product will be donated towards camperships to Camp Riley/Riley Children’s Foundation, a division of Riley Children’s Hospital, Indianapolis, Indiana, and YMCA Camp Tecumseh, for Children With Special Needs, Brookston, Indiana.

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Aunt Odie’s Skin Toner Serum’s Most Active Ingredients

December 15, 2009 - One Response

Aunt Odie’s Skin Toner Serum is the most effective toner on the market and combines a number of ingredients to help your skin stay healthy and rejuvenated.  It will clarify your skin and reduce lines, wrinkles and stretch marks.  Here is a list and description of some of the ingredients we’ve combined to help the toner do its job.

Rosehips are a wonderful astringent, as are rose pedals and rosewater. It can help heal scars and soothe the skin.

Rosehips are the seed pods that remain on the stem after the rose pedals have fallen off.  They have been known to help heal scars, burns and damaged skin.  Rose hips also rehydrate the skin and reduce wrinkles, in a similar fashion as rosewater, which is created when the flower’s petals and the rosehips themselves are steamed and rose oil is extracted.  It’s been used for centuries as an astringent and an anti-inflammatory (not to mention most grandmothers have it stashed in their cabinets as a home remedy). Recent studies have shown that rosewater can reduce wrinkling damage done to the skin by the sun’s harmful rays.  What’s best, rosewater is good for sensitive skin, as it won’t dry it out.  Rosewater is also known to have antibacterial properties, which makes it good for treating and preventing acne.  It can also be used as an aftershave to cool the skin.  If you’d like to make your own rosewater, check out the recipe below, but know that our Skin Toner Serum contains the same ingredients as rosewater.

  • Trim the rose flowers and rose hips to remove any stems and leaves
  • Place trimmed rose flowers and rose hips in a large pot of water
  • Add just enough water to cover
  • Simmer gently for 10 to 20 minutes
  • Strain well, collecting the rose water in a container
  • Cool then store in refrigerator for several days

    Kelp is a type of seaweed and is rich and nutrients. It can help with skin elasticity.

Irish Moss, Nori and Sea Kelp are sea algae, or seaweed.  They grow in nutrient-rich waters and are therefore rich in nutrients, themselves.  The minerals they hold can help detoxify the skin, and their fatty acids help improve skin elasticity.  Kelp also contain vitamins, proteins and amino acids to help generate cell growth and condition the skin.

Watermelon is extremely useful in skincare, although it’s much better known for its tastiness.  It’s rich in vitamins, and keeps your skin fresh, hydrated, healthy.

Wheat germ is extracted from the germ of the wheat seed.  It is best known for helping reduce and prevent the appearance scars and stretch marks.  It contains a multitude of vitamins including vitamin E, B1, B2, B3, B6, and A.  It also contains proteins and minerals to rejuvenate any skin type.

Green tea leaves have anti-inflammatory properties.  They will also inhibit the collagen reducing enzyme in skin, and therefore reduces collagen breakdown. So, green tea leaves will help your skin stay elastic and firm.  Green tea leaves will improve skin tone by improving circulation.

Similar to blueberries, bilberries are rich in antioxidants and will help with varicose veins.

Bilberries are very similar to blueberries, but are smaller.  Like blueberries, bilberries contain lots of anti-oxidants, which help increase blood circulation and strengthen blood capillaries, therefore helping with varicose veins and spider veins, and helping to improve complexion overall.

For more information about the toner serum, go here.

Head to Toe Body Creme’s Most Active Ingredients

December 8, 2009 - 2 Responses

We boast about how our Head to Toe Body Creme will help all skin types feel softer and look smoother.  But we know the list of ingredients can be somewhat daunting.  So, we’ve pulled out some of the most important ones and outlined what, exactly, they do for your skin.

The gel of the Aloe plant has been used to heal the skin for centuries.

The Aloe Vera plant has been used for centuries as a remedy for a number of skin conditions.  This plant holds within its skin a thin gel that, when applied topically, can help heal wounds and strengthen cells by bringing oxygen to the skin.  In our Head to Toe Body Creme, the Aloe Vera helps keep the skin moist and healthy.

Amino Acids are peptides.  There are four main acids that, when combined, form an effective skincare treatment.  These four are Proline, Glycine, Leucine and Lysine.  Aunt Odie’s Head to Toe Body Creme contains all four of these acids. Together, they will work to build collagen, which is what makes the skin firm.  We lose collagen as we get older, which is why wrinkles appear.  This formula exfoliates, moisturizes and releases toxins, all the while strengthening the skin, and improving the look of wrinkles and age spots.

A Jojoba seed pod. The beans secrete oil, useful for helping with irritated skin conditions.

Jojoba Oil comes from the beans of the jojoba plant.  The beans secrete an oil very similar to the oils produced by the human skin.  Therefore, it is easily absorbed into the skin.  It is known for helping reduce the signs of aging in skin by promoting the growth of new cells.  It’s especially good for people with eczema and other skin conditions, as it will soften and moisturize the skin.  There is also an antibacterial component to the oil, so it’s often used to treat acne.

Lignin is a complex chemical compound found in the walls of plants.  It’s what gives vegetables their crunchiness.  In our Head to Toe Body Creme, lignin helps the skin better absorb ingredients.

Diary of an Aunt Odie product user

December 1, 2009 - Leave a Response

Okay, I’ve been using the Skin Toner Serum for a few weeks now and my skin is NOTICEABLY clearer.  I don’t have a huge problem with acne except during one particular week of the month.  This month – nothing.  No blemishes, no zits, nothing.  I usually apply the toner after a shower with a cotton swab before using the Head To Toe Body Creme to moisturize.  Lately I haven’t even been using the creme on my face because the toner is so effective.

If you’d like to learn more about the Toner Serum, click here.

Diary of an Aunt Odie product user

November 27, 2009 - Leave a Response

I’ve continued to use the Truly Incredible Head to Toe Body Creme on my hands, arms, feet and legs.  I’ve never used a moisturizer that leaves my skin feeling so smoothe, without leaving a heavy gunk behind.  Aunt Odie’s is lightweight.  It lets my skin breathe while it moisturizes.  I’m very pleased with the results.  I put the creme on once in the morning and can feel it working ALL day.

I’m also using the Young Eyz, especially because I have some circles under my eyes.  I work long hours at a busy restaurant, and I’m often losing sleep.  But Young Eyz lightens under my eyes, tightens around them and makes me feel like my whole face is fresh and bright.

I’ve been using both of these products for about two weeks, and I’ll keep you posted on the results as I go.  Stay tuned for my review of the Toner Serum.

Diary of an Aunt Odie product user

November 12, 2009 - Leave a Response

Hello, IMG_2401-edit

I received my first package of Aunt Odie products in the mail today from the fantastic Michael.  For the next few weeks I will be blogging about how the products I’m using are working, what I’m experiencing, and what my favorites are.  I’ll be testing the Head to Toe Body Creme, the Young Eyz, the Skin Toner Serum, and a new product they are working on aimed at reducing the effects of PMS.

So far, I’ve applied the Head to Toe Body Creme to my consistently dry hands and can already feel it working.  My skin feels like it’s covered in a light layer of satin.  There is no heaviness to the creme, and it is making my skin shine.

I’ll be applying the Young Eyz tonight after I’ve washed my face, although you can apparently use the creme with makeup.  I’ll also be applying the Toner Serum this evening.  I’ll keep you posted.

For more info, check out  Here you will find prices, sizes and a detailed description of the products.

P.S. – Included in the package was a load of DumDums.  I was so delighted!

An Introduction to Aunt Odie Products

November 10, 2009 - 2 Responses
Since 1980, Aunt Odie Skin Care has produced homemade organic cosmetics to encourage healthier, younger looking skin for people of all ages.  Aunt Odie utilizes the best organic ingredients to create the most powerful multiuse, age-defying products on the market today.
Manufacturers in Lafayette, Indiana use a scientific approach to natural beauty by blending potent anti-oxidants and vitamins to create highly effective products, suitable for all skin types.
Aunt Odie currently offers four potent products including an all purpose body cream, a skin toner serum, an eye treatment, and a therapeutic rub.
For more information about Aunt Odie products, see our Products page, or visit
To order, call 765-447-3919 or email