Since 1980, Aunt Odie Skin Care has produced homemade organic cosmetics to encourage healthier, younger looking skin for people of all ages.  Aunt Odie utilizes the best organic ingredients to create the most powerful multiuse, age-defying products on the market today.
Manufacturers in Lafayette, Indiana use a scientific approach to natural beauty by blending potent anti-oxidants and vitamins to create highly effective products, suitable for all skin types.
Aunt Odie currently offers four potent products including an all purpose body cream, a skin toner serum, an eye treatment, and a therapeutic rub.

2 Responses

  1. I have used the head to toe body cream for about 7 years. First bought it from a dermatologist, very expensive, but it worked great. After the dermatologist retired I bought it from the manufacturer, better price, incredible product, recommend it all the time.

  2. I had surgery two years ago and was told by the surgeon that any creme would work to prevent scarring. I tried everything on the market available for scars, nothing worked, until I found Aunt Odie’s Truly Incredible Head to Toe Body Creme, it’s an amazing product, within two days the scar was fading away. My doctor was so amazed, I gave him the web address auntodie.com and he is now recommending it to his other patients. The added bonus is I don’t need to purchase any other cremes for my dry skin, it’s all in one. This is the best product since sliced bread!

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