Diary of an Aunt Odie product user
November 12, 2009

Hello, IMG_2401-edit

I received my first package of Aunt Odie products in the mail today from the fantastic Michael.  For the next few weeks I will be blogging about how the products I’m using are working, what I’m experiencing, and what my favorites are.  I’ll be testing the Head to Toe Body Creme, the Young Eyz, the Skin Toner Serum, and a new product they are working on aimed at reducing the effects of PMS.

So far, I’ve applied the Head to Toe Body Creme to my consistently dry hands and can already feel it working.  My skin feels like it’s covered in a light layer of satin.  There is no heaviness to the creme, and it is making my skin shine.

I’ll be applying the Young Eyz tonight after I’ve washed my face, although you can apparently use the creme with makeup.  I’ll also be applying the Toner Serum this evening.  I’ll keep you posted.

For more info, check out AuntOdie.com.  Here you will find prices, sizes and a detailed description of the products.

P.S. – Included in the package was a load of DumDums.  I was so delighted!